SR IT focuses on the key-drivers of business growth;

Technology, Productivity and Cost-effectiveness

IT Services

Businesses worldwide confront the challenges of customer satisfaction, revenue growth, cost management, risk reduction, and compliance. There is a paradigm shift with companies…

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SR IT ventured into the IT sector over a decade ago and over the time has started catering to e-Learning and animation services. Today it has become a specialist in providing…

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SharePoint Intranet Solution is one of SR IT’s intranet solutions for companies and organizations. The SharePoint intranet solution helps organizations to automate most of…

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SR IT help in developing E-Learning tools

We have a pool of resources consisting of flash

developers, web developers, game developers, mobile

developers, graphic designers, 2D animators, illustrators,

project managers and testers.


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We Are Here To Serve You

SR IT focuses on the key-drivers of business growth; Technology, Productivity and Cost-effectiveness. We have endeared ourselves to our clients by not only delivering results, but also in creating value, perennially.Our unique business approach is based on providing you the best technology and personnel at below market costs, giving immediate access to talented and real-time experienced professionals…

  • Evaluating each client’s current state of technology
  • Making a meticulous study of the infrastructure, hardware and line of business applications
  • Identifying each client’s business process, pain points and vulnerabilities
  • Performing threat analysis to determine business risks
  • Designing technology plans that align with the client’s long-term business goals